Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Welcome 2013! My first post of the year, and it's more of a lifestyle-fun post than a fashion post. My boyfriend, Tyler, had an "ugly Christmas sweater" day at his school before he went on break, and we wanted to take some cute pictures in them and also get the feel of my new camera! I forgot to mention it in my last post, but you might have noticed my photos were MUCH better. That is because I received a Nikon D3000 for Christmas! I'm so happy that I finally have a high quality camera to take photos for this blog, and I can't wait to get busy with it!

I hope you enjoy our goofy cat sweaters as much as we did

PS- Tyler was very excited about being on my blog and wanted to write a little paragraph for you all. Sadly, he had to leave to head back up north before we were able to sit down and write anything, but he dictated to me over the phone. Enjoy!

"Hey everybody, my name is Tyler if Katie hasn't already told you. Now I know this is supposed to be a fashion blog, but I couldn't resist asking my girlfriend if she would be interested in putting us in our possibly unfashionable cat sweaters on her blog since we both really love cats. 
Before I came down to visit, I was able to get my sweater for $2.00 and her's for $2.50 at Salvation Army. I was so lucky to find them because they were on the very last rack in the store, and they were (almost) our size. Mine may have been a little tight, and her's a little big, but I probably won't wear it again until next Christmas anyway. I decided the red sweater would be Katie's because on the front the cat is painting and it says "I'm not messy, just creative" and I thought that really fit her well. I'm always excited to see Katie make her posts on her blog. I love seeing her smiling and dressed up and in the most creative and fashionable outfits. This visit I was even able to take her pictures for her! She told me I did a pretty good job. I hope you all enjoy seeing pictures of and reading about the beautiful (and fashionable!) Katie.

Your's truly,

So complimentary! Hopefully he visits again soon to help me out more. He did take the pictures for my last post which I thought turned out fantastic. Let me know what you think, because he might be more willing to help if he knows you all like his photography ;) Hope you all are having a great start to the year!

This post also features my very fat cat, Salem. My other cat wouldn't let us find him to come out and play...

I just thought I'd add a shameless plug down here at the bottom. I'm try my hardest to save up money for when I move away to finish my degree at a different school this fall, and consequently I've been cleaning out my closet and dressers to sell all my unworn items on eBay. I have almost 30 items listed now (ending Friday!) and many more to come before I start my spring semester next week. There is an eBay button the left side of the page, but I'll also link below. Thank you to anyone who bids!


  1. After reading this post and watching your first YouTube video, I had to subscribe to both! First because us curly-haired girls have to stick together and second, because your cool personality shines through both in the video and your blog. If you would like to check out my blog and YouTube channel, feel free to do so!

  2. After watching your first video and reading this blog post I decided to subscribe to both! First because curly-haired girls need to stick together and second because your cool personality really shine through in both your channel and blog. If you would like to check out both of mine as well, that would be great! See ya!